• Andrew Brooke

    Filmmaker | Photographer

    the story goes something like this

    Andrew worked his way up from runner/researcher to producer via EBS Productions, RSA Films (Ridley Scott Associates) and David Bailey. A career path which trained him across many disciplines, in both Photography and Film. As a photographer-filmmaker he currently works on a variety of personal, commercial, art and fashion projects, in both moving and still photography.

    Where to find me

    email: ab(at)andrewbrooke(dot)com

    A little more personal

    Andrew was born in London, he lives in Paris, and works between the two. He loves travel, skiing, the countryside, wilderness, and is known to occasionally be found in a bar, club, restaurant, gallery or cinema. He speaks French, lives with his partner their daughter and his stepson. Andrew has travelled extensively in Africa & Europe, briefly in Asia, and Central America, with many trips to the US, Mexico & Canada.